Thursday, March 25, 2010

If you'll indulge me...

Just so my blog readers don't think the only think I do is criticize singers on Idol, I wanted to share my latest project. Since my dance class was canceled I have been desperately seeking another creative outlet. Thankfully Mike is very supportive of my craziness sewing a toddler dress when we have two boys. I got the pattern from my MIL last year and have been dying to make it ever since. It is a vintage pattern from I would guess the 50s or 60s and I just think it is adorable. When I was growing up I remember wearing dresses with a pinafore, but girls (at least in my Primary) don't wear them anymore. So, here's is my attempt at bringing them back. Who's with me?

Detail on the under dress

Front(ish) view on my "model"

Back view on my model

Back detail on the pinafore...I just love all the buttons!
"Mom! Can we please be done now?"

And so you all don't think I am crazy and start calling child services, I am sending this dress down to our niece, Abby, in Georgia. It should be there in plenty of time for Easter.

Still on my docket are two car seat covers, two nursing covers and a dress for my aunt from another vintage pattern.

Thank you all for indulging me and letting me share my creation with you. It was really fun to do and made me feel like I am good at something other than changing diapers and making PBJs.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Top" Eleven

I'll admit that I almost didn't watch or blog tonight because I knew Miley Cyrus was going to be the "mentor" and I thought she would drive me crazy promoting her new movie for two hours. To my surprise, Miley, and her omnipresent chewing gum, were not the most painfully obnoxious things about tonight's show. However it was very clear to me that there are people littering this competition that don't deserve to be here.

Lee Dewyze - I thought his performance of The Letter was one of his best. I really liked that he actually smiled and seemed to be enjoying himself. I thought the judges were a little harsh with him and he did better than they gave him credit for. He looks like he has more of a sparkle in his eye and is becoming more attractive to me. Oh yeah, and he can really sing. Grade: A-

Paige Myles - Oh dear, I HATE when contestants of any season sing this song (Against All Odds). I first developed when Scottie "the Body" sang it in season four. Paige's rendition was no less annoying. The pitch was all over the place and she had no stage presence. I also did not get the outfit -- Off white clingy t-shirt tunic, black leggings, heeled gladiator sandals and then victory rolls in her hair??? She must be getting style advice from Sherri Shepard. Why is she still here? Grade: F

Tim Urban - Tim singing Queen...are you kidding me with this. Horrible. Awful. Lame. There were moments when I actually closed my eyes because I was embarrassed for him. It's tough for me to want him here another week, but that is how much I want Paige to go. I seriously cannot believe Lacey Brown is watching this from home and these two weirdos are still in. Grade: D-

Aaron Kelly - I knew Aaron was going to choose this song when they announced the theme of the night. He gave a very earnest performance and considering his laryngitis it was done well. He seems to be getting more comfortable on stage and is gaining confidence. That being said, he still needs to improve to be in the same league as some of the other contestants. Grade: B

Crystal Bowersox - Each week I like her even more. While she is not my style, I can respect that she is true to her style and she does have legitimate singing chops. I smile watching her perform because she reminds me of the kids from Nottingham that I went to high school with and I can totally see her performing at Cafe on the Corner, or what's the new hippy hangout -- Adelle's Coffeeshop. I love her in all of her unwashed goodness. Grade: A

Michael Lynche - Big Mike knows how to pick songs that are great for his voice and that he can connect with. I think I get irritated when they tell him that his performance was old fashioned because I think somethings and some songs are intended to be timeless....and that's not a bad thing. Maybe if he did a remix of that song with a ukelele they would have liked it more. Grade: B

Andrew Garcia - As he was singing I kept thinking, "the judges are going to eat him alive!" He assumed the position and braced for the comments. He knew it was bad right after he finished. I am so sick of hearing people say "I was having fun!" as an excuse for giving a bad performance. This is not the I-hope-you-had-fun competition. It is a singing/performing competition. This one did not cut it. Grade: D

Katie Stevenson - I don't really like the song (Big Girls Don't Cry) but at least I knew the judges would get off her back about being "young". The suspendered skinny jeans and peace sign t-shirt helped her too. Now that they can accept her for being young, they were able to judge her voice (which was SHARP). She is cute and I like her voice but hopefully she can be on pitch more next week. Grade: C

Casey James - He didn't make many changes on the original song (Power of Love) but he did sing it well and made good use of the Blues Brothers horn section. I wasn't blown away, but he has a good voice and definitely deserves to move on next week. Grade: B

Didi Benami - While her performance wasn't awful, I just didn't get it. Out came the "I had fun" excuse. Oh goodness, me! I think they should ban that phrase for the rest of the season. Not fantastic, but not the worst I heard tonight. Grade: C-

Siobhan Magnus - I just want to hug this little weirdo. She is so peculiar and so interesting and has serious talent. I agree with Simon that, like Adam Lambert, she will be polarizing. People will either really like her, or really hate her. The one thing you can say is that there really is no one else like her in the competition. She takes risks and succeeds more often than not. She knows what she likes and is excellent at expressing herself. Grade: A

What did you all think?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paint it Black

Michael Lynche - For a man of his size, he can MOVE! I really liked his interpretation of the song (Miss You) because it didn't sound copycat to me. I just love watching him perform. Each week during his songs I can't help but smile. His intro clip gave a good overview of who he is and what type of person/artist he wants to be. I feel like he is very genuine and true to himself each week. If you'd like my early prediction, he will at least make it to the final three. Grade: A

Didi Benami - I am on the fence with this performance. I think she definitely hit some money notes and sounded much more even toned than she has in the past. She relied less on the gimicky "cool, new" sound that she used in the past. However she did forget the words in some parts which I think is a little weird at this stage in the game. Her hair was driving me crazy!!! The deconstructed civil war hair needs to never be repeated again. That being said, she annoyed me far less this week. Grade: B+

Casey James - Wow, the third performance that I have actually liked and feel like the contestant deserves to be in this stage of the game. In the past I have liked Casey but haven't been that crazy about him. Tonight's performance seemed more authentic and it seemed like he was really having fun. He seems like someone who is very grounded and humble which makes him infinitely more likable. I really love when we get to know the contestants better. I think it helps to get an idea of what they would be like if they got famous. Nicely done, Casey. Grade: A-

Lacey Brown - I have to confess I am mildly obsessed with Lacey's hair. When she is performing I keep imagining what I would look like with that hair cut. I thought the vocals we decent, I really liked the string quartet because it was unexpected and I thought it was an ok performance overall. I have to agree with Simon that she needs to step it up to keep in the competition, but I feel she did well for herself. I finally put my finger on who she reminds me of (vocally)...I think she sounds a bit like Chantal Kreviazuk. Grade: C+

Andrew Garcia - He seems to have gone through a makeover for his big debut on the big stage. I was glad that he chose just to sing the song instead of interpreting it in some strange way with a guitar and loads of irony. He looks a bit like Lou Diamond Phillips to me tonight which made me chuckle. I also laughed during his intro when his mother dutifully sat next to her weeping husband with her hands crossed and eyes down and didn't say one word. It just reminded me of the couple interviews in When Harry Met Sally or Waiting for Guffman. Even more funny when it's real. I didn't think it was as pitchy as Randy said it was. For me it was a decent performance and I think he'll be around another week. Grade: C+

Katie Stevens - Finally the judges agree that they have been giving her crazy advice and also giving her props for a job well done tonight. When I first heard it was Rolling Stones night, I thought, "I wonder who will sing Wild Horses?" I am so glad Katie picked that song because it really suited her voice and I think she made some great changes to the melody which could get repetitive if sung like the original. I think the stylists tried to make her look "young" by styling her like Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato (I can't tell them apart) but you get the idea. I am so happy to see her succeed. I was very surprised that she made it through last week especially when it came down to her and Lilly but I am glad she took the opportunity and ran with it. Grade: A-

Tim Urban - Wow...way to blow your opportunity on the big stage. I get that he was trying to do something different, but it just seemed like an odd way to take that song (She's Under My Thumb). I didn't think the vocals were that great and I agree with Ellen it is something I would imagine hearing at a resort and thinking, "huh, that's cool" but not really anything else. I think even Tim knows he is in over his head in this competition. We'll see how America feels...Grade: D

Siobhan Magnus - I LOVE this beautiful weirdo. She is a mashup of Ally Sheedy, Winona Ryder and Zooey Deschanel (there I got one from each decade) I can't even contain my excitement when I hear her sing. Those notes were crazy!!! I mostly love the fact that she picks something insanely hard and then just goes for it...all looking back. I knew this song (Paint it Black) would be another one that was sure to appear tonight and I am SO glad Siobhan picked it. Grade:A

Lee Dewyze - Siobhan is a hard act to follow but I think he did an alright job with the song (Beast of Burden). He has such an interesting voice and I think he deserves to be here but I agree with the judges that he needs to wow the judges (and America) at this phase of the competition. I think he'll be around another week at least. Grade: C+

Paige Myles - Maybe I am still reeling from last week's bomb but I just didn't think this week's performance was that great. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't amazing either. I don't know, I am not sold on her yet. Grade: C-

Aaron Kelly - So I know it is getting late out here, but this performance made me sleepy. I can appreciate that he was doing the best he could with the constraints of the theme, but I wasn't as impressed at the judges were. The vocal was good but I think he has stiff competition and I don't know if he'll be able to keep up down the road. For tonight he did ok. Grade: B-

Crystal Bowersox - It seems like a forgone conclusion that Crystal will do well on Rolling Stones night. She did well and I agree with the judges that she is very comfortable performing and she does it well. She is growing on me. Grade: A-

Overall, I thought it was a good night for most of the contestants. It kind of felt like listening to a themed soundtrack like I Am Sam where new artists perform older well-known songs in new ways. I really think Tim is going home.

What do you all think?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top 8 Guys

Lee Dewyze - Oh, Sweet Lee. He is growing on me. I thought he did a good performance. I am not familiar with that song, so I couldn't compare it to the original. Judging the performance alone, I thought it was solid but I wasn't blown away. There is something very charming and likeable about him. He is not haughty or stuck up and that makes me like him infinitely more than some other contestants we have seen thus far. Grade: B+

Alex Lambert - I will be unpopular for saying this, but I am not jumping on the bandwagon of the judges saying this is his competition to lose. To me, his voice is nasally and doesn't sound that unique. Actually, every time I hear him I think of Jason Mraz. Ever time I see him I think of Florence Henderson. To me, that is not a winning combination -- guacamole and maple syrup. When I heard the recaps at the end of the show it was even more apparent to me that he is not the "star" the judges see him as. Oh well. Grade: C+

Tim Urban - Up until this week, I didn't think Tim had claws. Boy, oh boy he pulled them out tonight. He reached in and pulled out he trump card of all trump cards on this show...Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah. I feel like this is a song that endears whoever is singing it to the audience. Tangent: One of my guilty pleasures is watching Local Access Cable. I love to see the local town talent shows and I found out this year that Miss NH is from Raymond. She was kind enough to grace the tiny stage this year of the Miss Raymond pageant and sang Hallelujah as her performance piece. Even though I don't think she is the best singer, it endeared her to the audience and the crowd went wild. End Tangent. My point in telling that story is that I feel like the song more than the performer shines. That being said, he did sing it well and this was by far his best performance so far. Well played, Tim. Well played. Grade: A

Andrew Garcia - I don't know what to say about him. I want so badly to like him and what he does, but week after week I am scratching my head at what to make of him. Of all the Xtina songs to choose, I didn't think that was the best one especially if you are not going to stray from the melody until the last possible second. I don't even know how to really score him because he is in such an odd niche and I am having trouble imagining what sort of recording artist he would turn out to be. His vocals weren't bad, but they weren't fantastic either. Grade: C

Casey James - Meh. I could take or leave this performance. This is not my favorite Keith Urban song (You'll Think of Me) and it sounded like he was clipping the end of the phrases and his vibrato seemed too fast tonight. I think Casey is good at what he does, but I don't find him captivating, or exciting to watch in anyway. I think he is a guy who would do really well impressing girls with his sensitive guy-with-a-guitar singing. It's ok, but to me it is boring. Grade: B-

Aaron Kelly - Oy vey. I feel like sending a roll of duct tape to Fox to attach his hand to the mic. They give him the shiniest, chromiest mic and he keeps tossing it between his hands. His lower range is weak and it seems like he is just waiting to get to his money notes. Before everyone gets upset, I get that he is 16. His voice is still developing and growing, but it frustrates me when they keep telling the girls (specifically Katie Stevenson) to sound more young and to do young songs and then they let Aaron sing Lonestar. Kara tried to express that the song had no relevance to his life and Simon jumped in to say it was a beautiful song, let him sing the beautiful song. Where was that advice when Katie sang Feeling Good? I feel that their is a double standard and for that reason I am more critical of Aaron's performance -- in an effort to be somewhat fair. The vocal was not great. Once he hit his money notes, yeah, that is his strength, but he really needs to work on his vocal control and stage presence (not playing hot potato with the mic). Grade: C

Todrick Hall - Acid washed jeans and glovelets aside, this guy can sing. I found it so refreshing to hear someone actually SING and come out to win it. He was a bit over the top performance wise, but he was trying to differentiate himself from the other contestants -- mission accomplished. I was just so happy to not be lulled to sleep by another Easy Listening Soft Rock classic. Thank you Todrick for bringing Red Bull to tonight's performance. Grade: A-

Michael Lynche - The first high notes made me jump and it only went more over the top from there. I love this guy. I loved watching his massive body move all over the stage. He makes me smile. Can we just talk briefly about Kara's reaction to the song? WHOA...step back from the edge of the cliff my friend -- this is a live show. I can appreciate a song moving you, but it seemed like she was letting herself get way too involved in that emotion. This is about the contestants, not you. Anyway, I think Simon's comments were dead on. Big Mike nailed his performance tonight and reminded me that this is a competition, not amateur's karaoke hour. Well done. Grade: A+

Well worth the wait to hear the best two contestants last. I think Aaron and Andrew will go home tonight. I would hope Alex would go, but I know lots of people like him. We'll see...

What did you all think?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top 8 Girls

Katie Stevenson - I feel so bad for this girl. She has such a unique and RICH tone to her voice. She, in many ways, sounds like an older artist. But the judges want her to be "young" and so they have asked her each week to sing "young" songs, but she keeps falling behind the mark in their eyes because they want her to sound young singing a young song. I feel like they gave her credit for taking their notes, but in my opinion, the notes were wrong. If she is more of a "vintage" feel singer, let her show what she is good at doing, instead of forcing her to be something she's not. In an effort to make her current they have made her irrelevant. I am not gonna lie, her performance tonight (Breakaway) was not great, but I think it is a hard song to sing, especially if you don't feel comfortable singing in that style. I just feel bad for her that she keeps listening to the judges even though it isn't the direction she wants to go. Randy made a comment tonight to Siobhan that he is glad that she doesn't listen to them and does her own thing because it works. Hopefully Katie will give that a try next week. Grade: C+

Siobhan Magnus - She is such a weirdo, but I love her. When she announced she would be singing that song at first I thought it would be a strange choice for her, but then I was like, "Oh wait, it's Siobhan, it will be fine." It was a gutsy move to sing a cappella to start the song and I love her belt notes...that is exactly how they should sound. Grade: A-

Lacey Brown - This was definitely her best performance. I felt myself drifting back to memories of watching Joey climbing in and out of Dawson's bedroom window to songs like that. She sounded like an artist who could have been featured on the WB during the golden years. I totally loved it and it made me feel like an angsty teen again. She felt very connected with this song and seemed to genuinely be competing tonight. I really think she has a chance. Grade: A

Katelyn Epperly - Speaking of bringing back memories, Katelyn's outfit tonight reminded me of something I would have envied circa 1993. She sang the song well, but the song is not something you can really do a lot with. I don't was just kinda ok. She has a good voice, but I don't know why they don't ream her for "not knowing what kind of artist she is" like they do to Katie. Meh, I could take or leave this performance. Grade: C

Didi Benami - For those who read this blog, it is documented that I am not a Didi fan. While I am still not on Team Didi, tonight's performance was at least decent. She seemed connected to the song and gave a much better performance than last week. I disagree with the judges that there was a "wow" moment, but she did well for her. I still don't know why people on this show like to slow the pace down to practically speaking, but I expect that to continue. Grade: B

Paige Myles - Ouch! What a weird arrangement of that song (Smile). I agree with Randy that the bossanova beat that randomly came in was bizarre. She has such a powerful voice but she did no service to it by singing in a soft breathy voice. The judges were painfully honest with her telling her that it was the wrong choice. I really don't think that was good enough to get her through to the next round. Grade: D-

Crystal Bowersox - Now this is what Katelyn should have done with her song. Take a song everyone knows, add to it, make it your own (not in a way that is unrecognizable) and steal the show. Crystal is not my favorite, but she is growing on me and has legitimate talent and swagger. I really just want to cut off her "braids" and scrub her hair, put a skosh more makeup and a little more color in her wardrobe. Oh, for goodness sake, just call in Stacy and Clinton already! Grade: A

Lilly Scott - I was NOT crazy about Lilly's performance tonight. I feel like she makes each song sound cutesy and quirky but I don't know that she shows much range week to week. The performance wasn't awful, but I am not sold on her. Also, she needs to find earrings that don't look like she is wearing crocheted coasters. Distracting!! Grade: B-

Is everyone else as glad as I am that tonight's show was only an hour instead of two? Far less painful!!

Going home tonight - definitely Paige, and then either Katie or Katelyn.

What did you all think?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Top 10 Girls

Crystal Bowersox - Okay, so maybe I am still riding high from eating so much krumkake tonight, but I actually thought she was really good this week. She looks less like a dirty hippy this week and gave a pure smooth vocal. I try not to pick favorites and support them no matter what and vice versa. Even though I completely did not like her performance last week she more than made up for it this week and I feel like she definitely deserves to be in the competition. Grade: A-

Haeley Vaughn - The song choice (The Climb) was good for her, but her execution was not. I completely agree with the judges that she has NO connection with the song. She could be singing about a flesh-eating robot destroying humanity and she would swing her hips, bop her head and smile incessantly. I get that she is a bubbly, smiley person and that's ok, but you need to understand and know what you are singing about and convey that to the audience. Her pitch was all over the place and she didn't have enough "sweet" notes to make the song work. I really liked Haeley in the earlier rounds because she is kind of an oddity and is talented for being 16, but she needs more work. Grade: D+

Lacey Brown - First off, I have to say I L-O-V-E her hair. I wish I had the chutzpah to pull it off and maybe someday I will. That being said, it was an ok performance. There was nothing earth shattering about it, but she delivered a better performance than last week. I'm still not really sure where I see her in the competition but she did well enough to maybe stick around another week. Grade: C

Katie Stevens -!!! I kinda felt like the performance was Jessica Rabbit:The Early Years. She is adorable and I feel bad for her because she seems like an old soul and doesn't know how to make herself sound "current". I can empathize with her because this is the problem I imagine myself having on the show. She is not "edgy" and "hip" but she has legitimate talent and is basically being told to go counter-intuitive to her gut. I hope she stays in the competition longer to see if she is able to make the judges and herself happy. Grade: B

Didi Benami - Deep sigh...eye roll. This girl is driving me nuts. This is the same reason I got irritated with Brooke White because she has a very thin skin, not tremendously talented and makes bad song choices. I don't know why she thought singing Lean On Me was a good idea. She doesn't have a "soul" voice and it just made her sound screechy. I don't have a soul voice either, but I don't try to sing songs like that and think that people will like it. Every week I just feel like screaming, "Toughen up, Cupcake!" because there is no mystery that you are standing in front of judges to be critiqued. They give you the chance to sing for lots of people, you agree to hear their opinions....THAT'S THE WHOLE SHOW. Anyway, the performance is awful and I am starting to think she will be heading home soon. She has no concept of how to compete. Grade: D

Michelle Delamor - I really don't like Creed as a group, but I think she did a good job with the song (With Arms Wide Open). I think Simon was dead on when he said she got it 80% right. She really tried to make it her own and for the most part it worked. I kept waiting for her to have more dynamic energy with her voice while she was belting, but that may not be her strength. She seemed connected to the song and proved that she is capable of doing more than sound alikes of other contemporary female artists. Grade: B-

Lilly Scott - Here is where the judges and I part ways. I just DON'T get what they love about her. She has some talent, but I feel like she is always looking to be an outcast instead of singing well without all the weirdness. Her lavender hair seems to have made a reappearance with a big, fat roach clip poking out from behind her ear. Kara was giving her all this credit for "changing the game" and I wonder if that is the secret agenda of the make the show more a search for the weirdest and most unique instead of the person who has the best vocal chops. And, by the way, if we are giving credit out for that, Adam Lambert did it on both accounts. I just miss when the show was about real SINGING not making cutesy sounds to be "indie". Long story longer, I didn't get it. Grade: C-

Katelyn Epperly - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh wait screaming last note...I'm up, I'm up. That was the slowest rendition of an already slow song. Wow. I am not sure why Kara is so in love with her. I think she has a good voice, but I don't think is quite the genius Kara has dreamed her to be. To quote Sue Sylvester, "Somewhere in the English countryside in a stately manor home [Chris Martin] is weeping!" In case you haven't picked up on it yet, I am anxiously awaiting Glee's return on April 13. Anyway, back to the leader of the Lullaby League, she did well enough to stay in, but I have my doubts about her. Grade: C

Paige Myles - Even though I don't think it was 100% the right song choice for her (Walk Away), I think she did do an ok job with it (minus the big Whoooohooo). She is someone you can definitely can SING. I agree with Simon that next week she needs to come out, really sing something that showcases her voice and claim her spot in the competition. Once again, I could've done without all the explaining from Kara about how wonderful her song is. I hope Paige is back next week because she is one of the few contestants not using a gimmick to get by. Grade: B-

Siobhan Magnus - She is such a weirdo, but I like her in the strangest way. What I love most about her, is that aside from having an interesting personality, she has major talent to back it up. That high note was insane! She and Idina Menzel should have a belt-off singing contest to see who could go the longest. What I also find really funny is that Haeley and Paige act and sing like white girls and the whitest girl in the competition, Siobhan, tackles Aretha. That is gutsy and fearless -- another reason why I love her. She isn't trying to make some crazy unusual version of an already good song. Siobhan is just proving that pure talent just needs a great song to showcase their talent. Grade: A-

So overall, the winners tonight were Crystal and Siobhan...losers are Haeley and Didi.

What did you all think? Do you think the show is going in a weird direction?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Top 10 Guys

Michael Lynche - Big Mike is in it to win it! I loved his performance of This is a Man's World. He took command of the stage and proved that he has excellent control over his voice and a beautiful tone. I was already a fan of this big guy, but he is making me like him even more. C'mon...he does musical theatre and plays football, how can you not like him? He is the black Finn Hudson. It's on.
Grade: A

John Park - Oh...Honey. Why, why, why. Pitchy, boring, painful. When he revealed that he is an a cappella singer I let out a deep sigh. If my friend Danny C is reading this blog, I'm sorry...I still love you., but I am not such a fan of the a cappella group singing. I don't even think he is worth tearing apart in a review because he is just so oatmeal. I do not think he will make it far in the competition. Grade: C

Casey James - Put down the axe and sing for goodness sake. He sounded out of breath and did not finish each phrase. Kara in an effort to not look like such a psycho herself decided to slam him and tell him he took two steps back. While I agree somewhat with her sentiment (I know, I know, mark this day down) I really wish she hadn't tried so hard to be mean to him and given him a better critique. It's like Kara wants to be shrewd like Simon (never gonna happen), she wants to be crazy like Paula (coming close), and funny like Ellen (again never gonna happen). When she give people advice on being true to themselves and being authentic, I think she needs to look in the mirror for that one. Anyway, it wasn't the worst I have ever heard, but certainly not the best. Grade: C+

Alex Lambert - So he can't sing, and he's crazy...great let's begin. Sharing that you made up your own language does not endear you to anyone, except maybe more crazies. I am not sure why the judges were so in love with his performance. It was better than last week's performance, but I don't think it was fan-freakin-tastic. Oh well, after all this fanfare, he will probably be around next week. Grade: C+

Todrick Hall - I am so glad that Randy finally stood up and said that a good song deserves to be sung. I feel like once one of the contestants see another contestant have success re-doing an older song they think that HAVE TO jump on that bandwagon. Not everyone has that skill and THAT'S OK. This is a singing competition, not an assignments for s composition class. To me it is kind of like back in the early nineties (I know I am aging myself) when Kris Kross starting wearing their clothes backwards. Everyone thought it was so cool and so pretty soon it trickled down to kids my age. I am hear to say it really doesn't look cool when scrawny white kids are wearing oversized hip hop clothes backwards to middle school. Just because someone else does it and it's cool doesn't mean it will be cool FOR YOU. There rant over. Grade: B-

Jermaine Sellers - I'm left wondering the same thing...What's Going On? I just don't like Jermaine's whole vibe. I think he is overly cocky for the performances he is turning out and feels like he will never be voted off. I just don't know why he thinks that's ok. I completely agree with Simon that when he does all the extra vocal gymnastics it makes the song lose all meaning. He wants himself to shine more than the song. On a song by Miley Cyrus, that's ok, but with Marvin Gaye, c'mon man...get over yourself. Grade: C-

Andrew Garcia - I'm kinda bumming that he didn't do so well again this week. I really like him and think he has a lot of talent to show, but I am not sure why he keeps picking things that are not flattering on him. He's kinda like the girlfriend you have with the perfect body but she wears the ugliest most unflattering clothes. You love her because you know she has the potential to look really, really good, but at the same time you resent her because you wish you could look that good in clothes and you feel like she is letting it go to waste. In any case, I hope he picks a better "outfit" next week. Grade: C-

Aaron Kelly - I thought he was brave to tackle another Temptations song (My Girl) after forgetting the words to Ain't Too Proud to Beg in Hollywood week. I don't think he has the control and mastery over his voice that Kara believes he does. His vibrato sounds like Carter does when we drive over a bumpy road (uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh) I know he is super nervous and doesn't have the stage presence of some of the other contestants, but that is why I don't think he is really ready to be in this stage of the competition. I don't agree with the judges on this one. Grade: D+

Tim Urban - I was not blown away by his performance but I have to agree with Simon that he at least tried to listen and obey the criticism he received last week. I don't think the song choice was bad for him, but he is still a bit rough around the edges. I think he is a better performer than Aaron and at least picked a young song. I was shocked at Ellen's comments...although I do think Tim would be a good guest star on Glee. He will be free in a couple of weeks to explore that project but I think he will get enough of the young vote (including his 9 siblings) to stay around another week. Grade: C+

Lee Dewyze - Welcome to Nute High School's Junior/Senior Prom (shout out to my friends from Milton). When Lee entered on the darkened stage with the mirror ball reflections on the floor I laughed out loud. I HATE that song (Lips of an Angel) but he did a good job with it. If any of my Kane friends are reading this, Lee is what I always imagined Joe Roboski would look like...dreamy. Grade: B+

So going home tonight....John Park and Aaron Kelly.

What do you all think?